At Harris Custom Guitars, as well as building high end electric guitars, we also offer a full guitar maintenance service. A professional guitar set up transforms the playability and feel of your instrument. In some cases, guitars are not set up properly either by the distributor or music shop and getting your guitar set up professionally is a very noticeable and inexpensive way of allowing it to express its full potential.

If you have any requirements for your guitar set up i.e. adjustment of action or specific string gauges we will be happy to address these. However, if you are unsure of how you want your guitar set up or even what string gauge you prefer then we can offer you assistance with finding the right set up for you.

Professional Setup includes

Truss rod adjustment,  Action adjustment, Intonation adjustment, polishing of frets and oiling of fret board. All mechanical parts are checked, cleaned and adjusted as necessary, and the guitar is polished.

Professional Fret Dress includes

A fret dress is needed once small lows or scallops start to appear on the tops of the frets. Ignoring them at first may not seem like a problem, however, the worse they get, the more the guitar will start to buzz, and become harder to play. Excessive fret wear will dramatically reduce the playable life of the frets on your guitar, whereas having them dressed as soon as they become noticeably scalloped will allow the instrument to fulfil its intended lifespan, before a re-fret is necessary. Adjustment of the truss rod, flattening of the fret crowns, adding fall away, re-crowning the frets, polishing the frets, cleaning and oiling the fret board and then carrying out a Professional Setup.

We also offer help on the electronic side of your guitar. Be this a pickup swap, a new switch or pot or just a general assessment and clean up. It’s amazing how many people play their guitar with all manner of electronic issues, when a simple change of a volume pot or a re-connection of a poor joint would resolve the issue. We also offer extras, such as lining your electronic cavities with copper shielding, and upgrading you wiring looms.

Guitar Service Prices

  • Full professional Fret Dress & Set Up (Electric) £70
  • Polish & Set Up £35
  • Pick Up Change & Set Up (Straight Swap) from £40
  • Pot Change (Plus Price of Pot) from £10
  • Re-wiring (Plus Parts) from £40
  • New Nut – Due to over-worn string slots from £40
  • Truss Rod Adjustment from £10
  • Pick Up Selector Change (Plus Price of Selector) £25
  • Loose Fret Repairs from £20
  • Head stock/Neck Repairs from £60
  • Partial Re-Fretting – Based Upon Professional Fret Dress + £5 per Fret
  • Full Re-Fret (Bolt-on Neck Price) from £180